How to identify Crystals?

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Have you ever wondered if a crystal is real or not ? Will the purchase you make be worth the money ? How many crystal types are there? Which one will be of defining quality? Probably all these questions clutter your mind when you go to buy a crystal, well now you can find out by following some of these steps provided by us. As more people are engaging in astrology there is an advanced need for crystals nowadays. Some define having crystals as good luck; others call for crystal therapy. There are many gems that can pack quite a punch and do everything from peace and serenity, wash out the negativity and cleanse our body’s mind and soul. While some of these crystals are brought out from mother Earth, these crystals can enrich our body and mind. These crystals are full of energy and can do some amazing things when it comes to bringing healing energy.

Types of Crystals

There are two types of crystals

Natural crystals :-

Crystals that are generally found in nature which are formed due to rock formation are natural crystals. These crystals can be valued for their unique shape, size, colour and luminosity. Ancient civilizations incorporated the use of crystals into their day to day life. They used it in their rituals, medicine, and even beauty routine.

Fake crystals :-

Crystals that are usually coated with glass and paint are fake. There are many crystals that are very lively in color but not all crystals are like that. There are some crystals that are aruticfical looking and we can know that it’s a fake. Synthetic gemstones can be lab grown created by something called flux growth or through the melting process.

How to identify crystals

There are a few things we should keep in mind when it comes to buying crystals.

The Number Game

Most of the valuable stones are found in their natural form,if there is a big stock of that particular stone then it might not be real. It is even more suspicious when the seller is new in the market and has no reputation, no old clients, no history and verifying substance. Rare gemstones are valuable and a beginner wouldn’t have so much money to invest in one stone.

Is the price Right?

High prices and unfamiliar stones means that the crystal pursuer will find a good deal to begin with. When hunting for a gemstone search for various outlets. This means you have a surety of not paying more than its worth.

7 Ways to know if your Crystal is Real


Precious stones are cold to touch when met with body heat they lose it quickly. One can figure out the temperature of the crystal simply by holding it in one’s palm. You can avoid fake crystals by testing through this method and knowing if the crystal is real or not.


If your seller is refusing to check the crystal with a magnifying glass then you should drop the idea of buying it from him. Always ask your seller to check the crystal with a magnifying glass.

Crystal Hardness

Natural crystals are hard and clear, they are defined beautifully through nature. By scratching the crystal, the hardness of the crystal can be tested and it be known if it is real.

Perfect Patterns

A natural crystal will have a shape of it’s own. Most natural crystals are not symmetrical and have their own unique shape. If your Crystal is perfect in shape and has definite shape then it is not the one. This crystal can be a fake and chemically altered.

Air Bubbles

Natural crystals do not have air bubbles. They have no air in between the surface of the crystal. If a crystal has air bubbles then it might just be plastic. A fake crystal has air bubbles as they are formed by pressure.

Test the Weight

To tell if a crystal is real we can measure it by it’s weight. We can test this by having a crystal and a glass . If your crystal is lighter than a glass then its definitely a fake.

Test the Colour

Some crystals such as Red Jasper and Black Tourmaline are very intense in colour and may appear artificial. But there are other crystals which are naturally not so colour definite. There are some crystals which are dyed and chemically treated to be met with the need. This produces undefined artificial colours and has no healing properties.

Fake Crystals to look out for

The Quartz family has a variety of fake crystals. This is possible because it is easy to visually resemble real gemstones. There are many crystals that are being sold as Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst. Natural Quartz are heavier and
cannot be damaged or scratched.
Citrine is another crystal that is pretty rare to find. But as it belongs to the quartz family you can easily find a fake crystal by the heating process. Turquoise and Blue Moonstone are natural and very powerful crystals that can have replicas easily available in the market.
Pearls and Black pearls are unique for their beauty and can often be found dyed. But such fake pearls can be found to be made of plastic and have no healing powers.



By now you must be feeling a little more confident and less worried when you are going next time to purchase a crystal. As long as you are keeping all these tips in your mind you will not be mugged of the money you are spending.
In the end, all that matters is the crystal that you are buying gives you the pleasure of seeking peace and calmness. It gives you healing properties or whatever purpose you were searching for , be it a crystal collecting hobby or for astrological purposes or for just having a shiny crystal to show off to your friends. Hopefully with this research you can test your crystals by just 7 easy steps.

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