7 ways to recharge your crystals

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Crystals are a new way to calm your mind and body nowadays. Some people think that crystals carry energy inside sending natural vibrations in the world. Crystals often travel from place to place from the source to the consumer. These crystals might carry different energies that may not harmonize with your energies. Crystals are thought to bring harmony and energise body and soul. Crystals also carry a healing element and can be charged again. If you want to restore a crystal to its natural state you should clean and recharge a crystal.

How to recharge a crystal

Running Water

Water in itself is an element, it is supposed to neutralize any energy that is trapped inside the crystal. Natural sources of water are a great way to recharge your crystals. You can wash it in the stream, a pond or a river.But not everyone has the means to do that so you can simply wash with tap water also. It is not necessary to have a natural resource where you can submerge your crystal inside the water completely.


Salt washes the unwanted energy and discards off the negativity. Washing the crystals in freshwater has a calming effect too. Make sure your crystal is absorbed in salt for some hours and rinse and pat dry.


Sound allows a pitch or tone to wash over an area bringing the same vibrations as the tone. We can bring in chanting bowls, singing bowls, and a bell. It doesn’t matter what kind of sound it is as long as the sound produced is loud enough to make vibrations and to enclose the stone.

Brown Rice

This method works best wherein you see how to recharge a crystal. It can be used to draw out the negativity and a safe space.It is beneficial for some protective stones. All we have to do is fill a bowl with dry rice and bury the stone beneath the grains. After cleansing, discard the rice as you are holding onto the energy that the rice might extract.

Using a larger stone

While searching for how to recharge a stone we can always use a larger stone. A larger stone can have quartz, selenite slabs and amethyst to recharge smaller crystals. You can place your stone on top of the bigger stone. It is said that the larger stone can remove the energies found in the other stone.


Breath can also work as a charm for recharging a crystal. All you have to do is to hold onto your crystal in your hand. Focus on your energies and intention and exhale on the stone. Do this for a while to bring the stone to its highest energies.

Burn incense or herbs around them
To clean a crystal we can rub some herbs on them or pass them through the smoke or incense.

Tips to keep in mind while charging your crystal

There are various things you should keep in mind to charge your crystal

  • Have some knowledge around having crystals when you buy crystals. Try to maintain a basic understanding of what’s best for your crystal. Knowing whether your crystal can tolerate salt or water. A few varieties of crystals that are fine with the use of water are quartz, amethyst , agate, moonstone and citrine.
  • The best way to know about a crystal is to see which properties do they have and where are they rooted from. For example a crystal from the Earth can be charged by burying it in the ground.
  • Before winding up in your hands,a crystal needs to pass through many hands so it is a good idea to clear them as soon as you have them. You may never know what kind of energy they are holding onto.

How to activate a crystal

Like we have seen how to recharge a crystal we can also activate a crystal. If you feel that your crystal is heavier than before or maybe it has lost its shine then it just might need some energy to recharge.
You can lend your energy towards the crystal by speaking to it, singing to it, or sending some vital energy through your breath. You can take out the crystal outside with you as it allows the crystal to soak up the natural energy around us.

While taking care of our crystals we are caring for ourselves. When we are having a crystal we harmonize our energies through them. We use our energies that are not in harmony with ourselves and intentions to leave it in a peaceful manner. The longer we have crystals in our possession the more energy it can swamp down. To make sure that your crystals are not holding onto any energies, clear them as needed and directed. Taking onto such small measures allows us to be more mindful with the handling of crystals. We may feel the difference afterwards in our energies and lives.

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